Business Model

Startup Investability Series

Tom Counsell

1 minute read

Assessing Your Business Model

In entrepreneurship, there is no such thing as a perfect business model. It’s actually a “business guess”. What matters here is 2 things.

1.  A complete business model canvas shows if there are any glaring holes in your idea and also shows that you have a plan for each “piece of the puzzle.” Have a mentor review your business model and rate each sub-section on it’s viability from their opinion.

2.  When an investor understands the business model, does it give them a good gut-feeling? Is it believable? Are there any major unproven assumptions?

Complete the following sentences to help score your business on it’s Qualitative Value

•  This model adds value to the world by … and helps solve the common problem …

•  There is precedent for this model, looking at ..