Announcing Ideas Grill

Join us for a Google Ventures Design Sprint and launch ideas into successful startups! Also, Ideas Grill is a thing.

Tom Counsell

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Starting today (yup, right now), we are announcing Ideas Grill. Years of brainstorming have gone into this and now we’re going all in. You can view and comment on all the projects “on the grill” on the public Trello board: (we’re not shy)

The Master Plan has three parts.

1. Design Sprints. (see YouTube explainer)

Straight into the fire with the Google Ventures Design Sprint method, a raw idea goes in and 4 days later a product is tested on customers. It’s intense and you should register your name to join us for one. Be there and you get equity in the new startup that comes out.

2. Investibility Benchmark.

Inspired by Investible, one of the most successful seed funds in the world, we’ve created a written exam to put a startup business to the ultimate test. It’s comprehensive and hard to pass, but passing takes your startup to the next level … investibility.

3. Private Equity Seed Fund.
A (secret 🤫) Swiss partner is building us a platform for granting startups with seed capital from angel investors worldwide. This will come online later this year.

OK, Design Sprints 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️💨

These are kinda intense! We can only do 1 per month. Because space is limited, you should register your name right now.

Go here —> Design Sprint Register

Srsly, if you’re in Prague, just register and reserve a spot. The rest of this email can wait … 🤔

Here’s the gist of a Design Sprint if you didn’t watch the video

We get a team together of 5-8 skilled people and everyone clears the calendar. And instead of a normal boring week of work, we go through a course of activities so that by the end of the week you’ve prototyped and tested a new idea with customers.

It’s a really unique experience - ask anyone else who’s done one.

More Blockchain Hub Prague 🏠

We have redefined what it means to be an incubator. We don’t recruit startups from around the world. We don’t have batches. And we never ask for equity. There’s nothing wrong with doing it that way. Other programs are great at that. But we’re cowboys. We think differently and we change up the game. 🤠

Blockchain Hub Prague was created in 2017 for blockchain startups to synergize and succeed by sharing an office and access to development resources. Since then, we’ve become a centerpiece of the Prague startup community, especially for international founders. We kinda branched beyond “blockchain only” per se, but we are still all software 🤓 startups.

Of the 25 people working from our office located in Karlin, there are 13 countries represented. It’s a hyperactive environment and on Wednesdays there is language lunch where we take turns learning new languages like Chinese, Arabic, Georgian, and Thai.

When you visit for a meeting or just to say hi, the office is just here on Google Maps

Our doors are open to visitors, preferably weekdays 10am-4pm.

There are loads of events happening. Join our Meetup page at | Blockchain Hub Prague

We are also on Facebook | Blockchain Hub Prague

Andrea is usually the first point of contact if you want to schedule a meeting, discuss collaborations, or get a membership.

You can email her at She rocks! 🤘🏽🎸

Kudos for reading all the way to the end!

It’s an honor to serve so many talented people. If you’re in this community, I trust you have that feeling everyday that you are doing the most important work of your lives! If that’s not you and you’re still looking for the passion, give me a call, let’s chat.