B Hub people!
Huge thank you to everyone on Wednesday who helped move the desks and chairs. The new layout is open and refreshing. But we’re not done yet!
THIS is only the BEGINNING.
This next Wednesday (8th), as we continue launching Ideas Grill, we will have a Bootcamp Day. This is a full day of activities for our newest startups. The goal is to explore and align your efforts.
pablo (1).png
9am – Coffee, outdoor walk, and Lightning Pitches
10am – salty GIFs and Timeline Mapping
11am – Business Model Canvas
12pm – JFS Milestones
1pm – Lunch provided
2pm – Team Identity banners
3pm – Review
4pm – Finished
Outdoor BBQ:
7pm – Light up the Grill!
Expect meat, salad, beer, and fun!
Bring your +1
This Bootcamp will be 100% critical if you are aiming to launch something new.
– attract new team members or join another team
– learn how to pitch and get investment
– map a path to profit, with confidence
If you are “just an employee” then DO NOT come. This day is for leaders, initiators, and change-makers. If that is you, then you are invited.
pablo (2).png
You alone are responsible for your success. You will be expected to make a plan AND execute the plan.
For RSVP, contact andrea@bhubprague.com
See you on Wednesday! (May 8)

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