Team, Partners, and Advertisers are awkwardly crammed into one group here. The reason for that is because your partners, team members, and advertisers (community advocates) will come and go over time.

Building a business with a 3rd party dependency on one of these adds risk. Examples all the startups have failed when Twitter changed there developer terms and again when Facebook changed it’s mobile ad pricing. Closer to home, if all your technology plans rely on a single all-star CTO programmer, what happens when they have an unexpected event like a sudden death in the family and have to step away.

You might be super psyched to be working with one of your partners and expect them to drive most of your success. That’s good, use them to help you thrive in the short-term, but they aren’t the cornerstones of your business. Your strategy for how to use partners and bringing on new partners is the real cornerstone.

Complete the following sentence to help score your business on it’s Thriveability

•  Our partners add value by …

•  Our team members add value by …

•  Our community (organic growth channel) adds value by …

Complete the following sentence to help score your business on it’s Qualitative Value

•  We expect new partners will bring …

•  We expect new team members will bring …

•  We expect community growth will bring …

(only use the lines applicable in your business model)

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