For early stage startups, the founding team is primary identifier of future success. Investors need to deeply respect you and your cofounders before they make any investment decisions.

Different details describing the founders will pique different investors interests, so cover the full spectrum of expereince and accomplishments. Name drop any Fortune 500 companies that were past employers, partners, or clients of your team members. Mention all titles, academic degrees, publications, certifications, and certificates. Also make sure everything you write or say about someone is already on their LinkedIn profile and defensible upon due diligence.

When describing your cofounders, this is one place you need to truly boast. Boast honestly, of course, but if you are natrually humble and meek, you will never get the attention you deserve. Here is where being a little more outspoken matters most. You’ll need to impress investors immediately and then maintain that impression constantly.

If they don’t spend time getting to know you personally, then beware, because this investor may have ulterior motives and will use their power to push a different agenda in your company.

Also, offend an investor at your own peril! At the end of the day, investors are people and your business is made of people. So don’t be intimidated, but respect that business relationships are not like friendships. Having a shareholder is the same as having a boss. It will be easier for them to fire you than for you to be rid of them.

On the quantitative value statements, showcase that your team is well-rounded overall. The diversity of skills/experiences should cover all the operations in your business model and necessary industry connections.


Complete the following sentence to help score your business on it’s Qualitative Value

  • Our founders boast competence in these areas …
  • Our founders have been recognized as authorities in these domains …

Complete the following sentence to help score your business on it’s Quantitative Value

  • Our founders unique skills/experinces include …
  • Our founders lean on others for support in these skills/experiences … (weaknesses)

Complete the following sentence to help score your business on it’s Survivability

  • Our founders have the grit because …
  • Our founders refuse to fail because …

Complete the following sentence to help score your business on it’s Thriveability

  • Our founders have long-term leadership potential because …
  • Our founders will succeed in a big way because …

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