Everyone took an extended holiday in December, but now we are quickly launching into the New Year! So it feels great to start with a fresh new website to showcase all our projects and announcements. Here are some new topics that will be taking front stage in 2019


A design sprint is a 5-day workshop with about 8 people. The goal is to rapidly design and build a whole new product and then wrap up the week by testing it on real customers. This process was invented by Google Ventures and is becoming very popular among the most innovative companies around the world.

We performed a mini-sprint to test the process in December with Intelligent Trading Foundation. The result was an amazingly fresh look on a new product we had been talking about but didn’t create yet. Everyone was impressed how quickly we built a prototype and then got immediate feedback from real customers.

The next design sprints are scheduled for the week of Jan 28th and again Feb 18th. If you are based in Prague and want to join us for one of these, please go to our signup form. Also you can track our progress across projects on our public Trello board for Ideas Factory.


One of the biggest requests we hear from our community is where they learn more about the latest technologies and trends. We are excited to announce that our educational events will be opening up to the public and we plan to schedule one for nearly every week! Mark your calendars for Tuesday nights. Our office is not huge, so space is limited and you’ll want to RSVP. Follow our page on Meetupand Facebook so you don’t miss out.


There are many related startups based in Prague – that’s why our founders Tom and Ethan chose to build business here! With the bitcoin market taking a downturn, collaboration is even more important than ever. So to better serve you, we are opening up virtual memberships for free to select startups and projects. Virtual memberships come with free access to our events, VC connections, and some extra hotdesks at the office.

Limitations and terms apply.


We are proud to announce a new Swiss-based partner for managing the private equity of our seed-stage investments. LEVA is also a blockchain company! We are working closely with them as they release their beta platform here in the coming weeks, then in Q2 open up the investment tools to you!


Thanks to all of you, our community, who made 2018 a huge success despite the crypto bear market. Blockchain tech is still so alive and it shows in all the growth and synergy happening at the Hub.

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