Our Mission

✔️ Incubation for Founders and Small Teams

✔️ Supporting entrepreneurs, design sprints, angel investing, seed stage startups

✔️ Empowering students, researchers, and interns with workshops and trainings

✔️ Supporting people with the grit and potential who are seeking community of like-minded hard-working, driven people – individual programs

Where It All Happens …

We have redefined what it means to be an incubator. We don’t recruit startups from around the world. We don’t have batches. And we never ask for equity. There’s nothing wrong with doing it that way. Other programs are great at that. But we’re cowboys. 🤠 We think differently and we change up the game.

Join us for a GOOGLE VENTURE DESIGN SPRINT and launch ideas into successful startups!

Also, #IdeasGrill is a thing.

ITF Design Sprint

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